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Sponsorship Application


Want to join the Core team? Fill out the application below.
Core Sponsors athletes of all sports, we look for not only skill but dedication and personality as well.

Please make sure to fill out ALL spots on the form before submitting it.

Remember, this is a formal application. So do your best with spelling or grammar. We have deleted some that have terrible formatting. 

*** If you want a response make sure to put a VALID email. We have gotten some invalid emails and have been unable to respond to some athletes.



For a model application send an email to with the following information for consideration. Height and weight are not factors in choosing models. If you look good in our gear that's all that matters. Most models will be in charge of getting their photos, having a friend shoot them is fine. Group photo shoots are also a plus, so if you have friends get them to apply too!

In the subject line write "Model Application" with your name in parenthesis. 
Subject Line: Model Application(Your Name)

Context of email(Copy and paste the following, then fill it out).
Name:(First and Last)
Location: (City, State or Country) YES WE NEED THE CITY AND STATE.
Device used for Photographs: (Needs to be able to capture high quality images of our clothes. Cameras are best however iPhones, android phones do work, however iPads and ipod's DO NOT).
Unisex Tee Size:
Unisex Tank Top Size:
Shorts/Pants/Boardshorts Size: (Both size s,m,l,xl and number size like 30, 32, 34)
Inseam Size:
Shoe Size:

For Women please also submit:
Womens/Juniors Tee Size:
Women/Junior Tanktop Size:
Shorts/Pants Size: (We sometimes do sweatpants/athletic shorts)

A few sentences why you want to model for Core:

Picture requirements(Please don't have effects on your photos). These photos will be added to the model pool.
Full Body
Lifestyle Style Photo(jeans, tee/sweatshirt etc)
Athletic/Action Style Photo(athletic shorts, sweatpants, etc)

If you are interested in modeling accessories add additional photos modeling specific items such as 
-flatbrim hats
-curved brim baseball caps
-necklaces(we like to do custom team dogtags)
-backpack/cinch bag


If you are looking for forms such as photo/media release, please choose the appropriate one and complete it then send it via email


Thank you for filling out a sponsorship application, we will review it and get back to you.

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